There is absolutely No Place Like Home And Every W.O.T girls Knows That Keeta’s Place Is Their Home Away For Home.

There is absolutely No Place Like Home! Every W.O.T Girls Knows That Keeta’s Place Is Her Home Away from Home.

What Does W.O.T. Stand For?

W.O.T. is an abbreviation for Women Of Tomorrow.

We call the young ladies the W.O.T. Girls as a constant reminder that they are working on the girls that they are today to create the Women that they want to be tomorrow. 

What is a W.O.T. Girls?

A W.O.T. Girl is a young lady who has decided that she wants to work on the girl that she is today so that she can create the best version of herself.

A W.O.T. Girl understands the values of S.I.S.T.E.R.H.O.O.D. and she understands that she doesn’t have all the answers.

A W.O.T. Girl understands that she will need some support, some guidance, and some motivation while she goes through the journey of life.

A W.O.T. Girl is also a girl who knows that she can depend on the members of Keeta’s Place INC to inspire her to be the best version of herself possible.

That’s a W.O.T. Girl!