Empowering Girls In Low-Income and Under-served Communities To Build Successful Futures Through A Life Coach Program Created For Them Within Their Own Communities

Keeta’s Place INC is a nonprofit organization that services Middle School and High School aged girls throughout the United States.

At Keeta’s Place INC we focus on improving the lives of all girls, especially those within low-income and under-served communities.

We truly believe that it takes a community.

With that being said we play a supportive role to the parents and girls of our programs by providing age-appropriate life skills.

We educate, inspire and motivate our girls by supporting their seven fundamental human needs.

  • Subsistence
  • Understanding and Growth
  • Connection and Love
  • Contribution
  • Esteem and Identity
  • Self-Governance
  • Significance and Purpose.

“Give us your ordinary girls of today and let us turn them into the extraordinary women of tomorrow.”

~Lakeeta Williams~